Industrial Machinery

INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY was founded to meet the ever increasing needs in the market of traditional second hand machine tools and / or CNC.

We have the following types of machine tools:

  • Bench Lathe
  • Second Position Lathe
  • Swiss Type Lathe
  • Tangential Grinding
  • Internal / External Grinding
  • Electrical discharge machining EDM

INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY deals with the marketing and research needs of its clients in Italy and abroad providing them with the best machine tools at the highest quality standard.

All purchased machines are subject to a thorough and full auditing and are as a result completely reconditioned after the process.


INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY employs specialized technicians during the auditing phase of the process and in the after sale, in order to be able intervene as soon as possible should there be any kind of problem. This minimizes production downtime.

Visit us at our headquarters, a technician staff will provide all the information required and let you know about current availability of machine tools.


We want to offer you the highest quality through our many years of experience and a careful business organization.

Our mission: satisfied customers with attention to every detail


We offer after-sales technical assistance, maintenance services and spare parts.


We employ highly qualified internal staff, our machines are subjected to a thorough and complete review and after this process are refurbished through this process.

Wide range of machinery

We diversify our products among countless brands and categories for every need.