X axis extension 2100 mm.

Y-axis extension 1400 mm.

Z axis extension 1700 mm.

HAS function 1

Spindle execution SA50 15000-30

N.4 Racks (240 tools)

Multiple palletizing 5 pallets

Lubrication system micro fog

Refrigeration plant. high pressure tool + air

automatic system Yasda probes Renishaw

Oil separators + level control

Spare tool check

Tool confirmation system available

Marpos probe

Tool life management

Extension 2560 m.

N.9 block skip switches

Helical Interpolation

Mirror image

Restart program, rigid tapping

Data servers


New spindle line performed on 04/2017 – on 02.09.22 spindle hours for cutting 6499


Machine specification:

Base machine

Spindle speed range

Spindle speed range programming 50 to 15,000 min.

Number of spindle speed rangers                             1

Type of spindle tool holder                                        BT 50 (7/24 Taper)

Spindle bearing inner diameter                                  90 mm.

Spindle drive motor                                                    AC30KW (30 min. rating)

Spindle tool holder MAS403 P50T- type retention knob

Spindle speed override                                             setting range: 50 to 120%

Canceling function                                                   M48, M49

Canceling display function                                         LED display

Spindle orientation                                                     Spindle stops electrically and mechanically

Orientation finish display                                          LED display

Spindle load meter                                                    % display


X-axis travel (longitudinal movement of table)         2100 mm.

Y-axis travel (vertical movement of spindle head) 1400 mm.

Z-axis travel (cross movement of column)                1700 mm.

Distance from pallet top to spindle center               Omn to 1400 mm.

Distance from table center to tool gauge line          300 mm. To 2000mm.

Standard functions and equipment


YASDA self-diagnosis function, signal analysis function and maintenance screen, etc.

Tool management function by tool number             max 600 groups

Production control function                                     applicable

Operation condition and amount of machine done

Hydraulic power unit

Pump type                                                               variable discharge pump

Scarge pump 48L/min.

Pump discharge pressure 9Mpa (90kg/cm2)

Motor output 7.5 kW

Reservoir tank capacity 120L

Leveling jack screw

Way protect covers

Slideways automatic lubrication unit

Pump type                                                              gear pump

Pump discharge 200 cc/min.

Tank capacity 6L

Auto power off system

Oil-air lubrication system for spindle bearing

Pump type                                                             pneumatic drive

Tank capacity 2.7 L                                                   

Operation panel                                                        display section: LCD display

Operation section: CRT/MDI panels

Spindle speed & tool number indicator

Manual pendant operation panel box                      handle (manual pulse generator)

Earth leakage breaker                                              available to high frequency

Inductosyn feedback

Disassembly tool


Optional functions and devices

The travel extension (corresponding to the large size work)

X table extension 600 mm. Total 2100mm.

Y-travel extension 400 mm. Total 1400mm.

Z travel extension 300mm. Total 1700mm.

High speed spindle (15.000 min.)

Type                                                                     SA50-15000-30

BIG PLUS system

Spindle end surface in 1.5mm forward from the taper gauge line.

Automatic tool changer unit (ATC system III)

Type of tool shank MAS BT 50

Type of retention knob MAS403 P50T-1

Method of tool selection                                          Random selection

Tool storage capacity 240

Maximum tool diameter                                            dia.300 mm.

Milling cutter


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